Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's in the Microsoft XBox Kinect?

1. a video camera;
2. a scanning infra-red laser, the most interesting part; The kinect infra-red laserappears to project an infrared dot pattern all over the room:

3. an infra-red camera;
patent: US20100118123 which explains how the 3D reconstruction works. The dots are grouped into sub-patterns, these patterns decrease in size with the distance. The 3x3 check board with different gray levels is used to calibrate the environment illumination.

(3x3 matrix of little dots with a reference dot in the middle of each matrix square. 3D is determined by the displacement of these dots,

IR Modded Canon Powershot A540 looks at Kinect IR output

You can see the check box pattern difference as the board moves far away from the IR emitter.

4. a motorized tilt mechanism;
5. a noise canceling microphone system: 4 mics in an array: one on the left, three on the right.

Hack Xbox Kinect:

kinect sdk will be released by MSR this summer.

Kinect™ for Xbox 360: Technology + Two Applications

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