Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MVC Pattern

Now it is a standard web programming framework.

From Apress.Pro.ASP.NET.MVC.2.Framework.

Models--represent the data/things that customers are viewing or editing.
your jobs is to create data models that encapsulate the information, operations, and
rules that are meaningful in the customer view (business domain) of your
application. i.e., in a banking system, models
represent bank accounts and credit limits, the operations include money
transfers, and the rules require that account balance is within maximum credit limits.
Domain models describe the current state of your application’s universe at the present
moment, but are totally disconnected from any notion of a UI.
Views--A set of views, they describe how to render data model objects as a visible UI, but
contain no logic.

Controllers--A set of controllers, they handle incoming requests, perform operations on the
domain model, and choose a view to render back to the customer. MVC tutorial videos:

Building Graphical User Interfaces with the MVC Pattern:

Java BluePrints Model-View-Controller

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