Thursday, September 17, 2009

What can a Webcam do?

What can a Webcam do?
--Machine Vision Around you

Liming Hu (

A webcam normally uses a USB or IEEE1394 interface. A webcam is cheap and low-cost.

1. Face detection, eye detection, blink detection, color tracking.
(Machine perception Toolbox )
video conference auto focus, head tracking.

2. Barcode scanner/reader.
(Zebra barcode reader, linux version , It can read EAN, UPC, Code 128, Code 39 barcode)
2D barcode? (i.e. QR code, datamatrix code?)

3. Home/Office Surveillance.
a. Senriska Motion detection(change detection)
b. baby monitoring (need audio system)

4. Video Conference.
(Yahoo messenger, MSN, QQ)
Background substitution

5. Stereo System (Range/depth/distance detection, obstacle detection, 3D scene reconstruction)
if we have two or more webcams
a. Estereo ( real-time disparity estimation, scene reconstruction)
b. Sentience, SurveyorSVS (A wireless stereo camera)
c. 3D Reconstruction using Stereo Vision
d. USB stereo camera, C# stereo SDK usb stereo cameras
e. tripod(tutorial )

6. Vehicle Blind spot detection?

7. OCR?
(Tesseract OCR) need high quality CCD/CMOS sensor.

8. Gesture detection
IGesture ( Java-based gesture recognition)
It probably turns a webcam into a remote controller, i.e.
presentation turn up and turn down.

9. IRIS recognition? (less likely)

10. Fingerprint recognition (useless, also less likely)

11. Webcam Based DIY Laser Rangefinder

12. 3D photography (David 3D Scanner )

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